lundi 20 septembre 2010

selected modern music #140

. . .
tricky - bristol to london - mixed race [domino_2010]
giggs - look what the cat dragged in - let em ave it [XL recordings_2010]
eskmo - cloudlight / come back EP - come back (lorn remix) [ninja tune_2010]
aufgang - dulceria clark remix - dulceria ep [infiné_2010]
matthew dear - little people (black city) (mark E dub version) - little people (black city) EP [ghostly international_2010]
maestro - a war zone (Mr. raoul K remix) - a war zone EP [tigersushi_2010]
four tet - sing (banton's indian chant remix) - sing part two [domino_2010]
logo - la vie moderne ep - la vie moderne (DyE Remix) [kitsune_0]
nakion - horse track (xaver von treyers fury mix) - horse track EP [tigersushi_2010]

artwork left : giggs - let em ave it [XL recording_2010]
artwork center : eskmo - cloudlight/come back ep [ninja tune_2010]
artwork right : maestro - a war zone ep [tigersushi_2010]
# download the mix [47"24/113,9 Mo - 320 Kbps]

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Anonyme a dit…

Le remix de Aufgang par Clark déboite TOUT!!!!