dimanche 27 octobre 2013

selected modern music #237 "at least... mix#4" by coudreuse

rene hell - buf. catch - vanilla call option [pan_2013]
crushed soul - shades - various [ostgut ton_2013]
randomer - bring - bring/curtains [hemlock recordings_2013]
diva - but i've never... - paris stabbing [new kanada_2012]
low jack - don't you know - flashes [in paradisium_2013]
kyle hall - crushed - the boat party [wild oats music_2013]
new york transit authority - 95 - swarm [lobster boy_2013]
ryan hemsworth - small + lost (featuring sinead harnett) - guilt trips [last gang_2013]
beacon - bring you back (kuhrye-oo remix) - the ways we seperate / remixes [ghostly international_2013]
tropic of cancer - the seasons won't change (and neither will you) - restless idylls [blackest ever black_2013]
coudreuse _ https://www.facebook.com/julien.coudreuse.9

artwork left : low jack - flashes [in paradisium_2013]
artwork center : tropic of cancer - restless idylls [blackest ever black_2013]
artwork right : kyle hall - the boat party [wild oats music_2013]


lundi 21 octobre 2013

selected modern music #236 "at least... mix#3" by coudreuse

diamond messages - the look (metronomy cover) - no title [no label_2012]
culoe de song - stig boardersman (original mix) - secret weapons ep part 5 [innervisions_2013]
trus'me - it's slow - treat me right [prime numbers_2013]
fort romeau - and now - stay true ep [ghostly international_2013]
siriusmo - congratulator - enthusiat [monkeytown records_2013]
anstam - i shouldn't even be here - dispel dances [50 weapons_2011]
andrew weatherall - edie 11 - the bullet catcher's apprentice [rotters golf club_2006]
factory floor - how you say - factory floor [dfa_2013]
eLan - blackout - next 2 last [monkeytown records_2011]
SZA - julia - no title [no label_2013]
coudreuse _ https://www.facebook.com/julien.coudreuse.9

artwork left : culoe de song - secret weapons ep part 5 [innervisions_2013]
artwork center : anstam - dispel dances [50WEAPONS_2011]
artwork right : eLan - next 2 last [monkeytown records_2011]


dimanche 13 octobre 2013

selected modern music #235 by O:liv

young echo - voices on the water - nexus [R A M P_2013]
four tet - our navigation - beautiful rewind [text records_2013]
machinedrum - rise N fall - vapor city [ninja tune_2013]
letherette - restless - letherette [ninja tune_2013]
joe goddard - apple bobbibg (four tet remix) - v/a : we make colourful music because we dance in the dark [greco roman_2013]
dj koze - mariposa - v/a : 20 jahre kompakt - kollektion 1 [kompakt_2013]
holden - blackpool late eighties - the inheritors [border community_2013]
daniel avery - drone logic (factory floor (gabe gurnsey) remix) - s/t [phantasy sound_2013]
the asphodells - never there (hardway bros remix) - remixed [rotters golf club_2013]
artwork left : four tet - beautiful rewind [text records_2013]
artwork center : machinedrum - vapor city [ninja tune_2013]
artwork right : the asphodells - remixed [rotters golf club_2013]


lundi 7 octobre 2013

selected modern music #234 by LG RIVALES

fk club - the strange art (dj steef remix) - no title [la belle_2013]
the frollix - just to be there (ron basejam remix) - no title [bored audio_2011]
the heels of love - quiet please (fabrizio mammarella remix) - no title [mad on the moon_2010]
kza - aneugalam - dig and edit [endless flight_2009]
fantastic four - got to have your dub (dicky trisco edit) - digital deviance vol.3 [disco deviance_2012]
40 thieves - don't turn it off (greg wilson edit) - no title [permanent vacation_2010]
soft rocks - talking jungle (justin vandervolgen remix) - the revenge of soft rocks [esp institute_2012]
pional - just passing through - if this is house i want my money back [permanent vacation_2011]
kink - apparatus (live session) - no title [self released_2013]
solvent - a product of the process - subject to shift [ghostly international_2010]
justus kohncke - advance - no title [kompakt_2006]
fairmont - last dance - automaton [my favorite robot records_2012]
esther phillips - home is where the hatred is (onur engin edit) - square edits volume 3 [square records_2010]
Léon G. Rivales [Crab Cake Corp.] : Passionné de musique depuis toujours, graphiste de formation, dj & crate digger, Léon G. Rivales dissémine depuis plus de 10 ans ses mixs et ses productions sous divers alias (Sir Sux pour ses projets electronica / ambiant, The Ghetto Echo pour le hip hop, El Gyeah pour l'electro glitchée, L.G. Rivales pour le cuté disco / house...). Basé à Rennes, où il a écumé la pluspart des bars et des festivals, c'est, depuis deux ans, un des piliers de la Crab Cake Corporation, crew de djs et organisateurs de soirées sexys, avec lesquels il aime à disséminer sa science du groove déviant et son sens du tube imparable. _ http://www.mixcloud.com/gyeah/

artwork left : soft rocks - the revenge of soft rocks [esp institute_2012]
artwork center : the heels of love - quiet please  [mad on the moon_2010]
artwork right : kza - dig & édit [endless flight_2009]